Hi this is Bobbie

I am an artist and writer who truly loves what she does.  It is such a joy to work with art to tell a story and it makes me confident that children can do the same. I am also an accredited  art teacher, certified by the GACE Art certification,  with over 19 hours in Art therapy training and I was selected as teacher of the year in 2009 for my work with children.

Being a member of the Chattahoocee Valley Writers, and the Southern Breeze Writers and Illustrators Association is a plus for me because I can  mingle with some of the best and brightest writers and illustrators in the United States.. 

As an Early Childhood teacher and an Art teacher, I learned that children really want to write or create when they’re motivated and inspired. When teaching, I used to help children understand and experience the importance of our senses and how they help us recall our memories. My student’s comprehension and application made such a difference in their creative writing and art with much enthusiasm; they learned to write and use art by discovering their senses.  I really love children and was thrilled to find a way for them to successfully and proudly create both writing and illustrations.

In my illustrations and books, I have chosen to use graphite and mixed media, (water colors, acrylic, and colored pencils) to create feelings and emotions, in order to have my illustrations as accurate as possible.

I hope you enjoy this website and encourage you to check out my friends and associated links for Artists and Illustrators.

Have a Blessed Day